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2019 will be here before we know it, so we’ve decided to spice things up before this elaborate 2018 comes to a close. below we have “3” templates to choose from, each have been hand-crafted to showcase your brand in a unique way.

To begin please visit the “live” version of each site, take note of logo, text, & imagery placement as these things won’t move, they will only be able to be replaced with your content. You are purchasing a professionally designed template that is plug-&-play, this is how we can keep costs low.

with each purchase (deadline december 31, 2018, 11:59pm) you will immediately receive a content checklist of things we need to complete your site. Your site won’t be started until your checklist has been completely sent over and verified via email by us.

important: We do not offer domain/email support or purchasing, only design, so please have your domain purchased in your account before the completion of your website. we recommend for all of your domain/email services, but if you choose or already use another service that’s ok, we can still make magic with you.


The Choice is yours…

Template #1

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Template #2

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Template #3

$500 Website Template Special by

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Upon making this very wise purchase you will receive a checklist of things we need to make this magic happen. Your project will start as soon as the entire list has been received and verified by us via email. All websites are built on the Wordpress platform and upon completion of your site you will receive a Login to access your website. Disclaimer: ADBCmedia and it's team members are not responsible for any unauthorized edits and/or changes to your site causing unwanted results.

By purchasing a website template you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions: You have 60 Days from the date of your purchase to COMPLETELY send in all of your materials on your checklist, if FULL LIST is not received by the 60 Day mark you will be notified via email and given a 15 Day grace period. After grace period (totaling 75 Days after purchase) if complete list is not received your purchase will be deemed null and void. There are NO REFUNDS after your purchase, because of this we will be as helpful as possible to ensure that your site is completed and you LOVE it. Purchase Deadline is December 31, 2018, 11:59pm.

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When design is in your blood and art is what you love, your creations and gifts to the world fully embody that. let us create a vision that you can carry with you for a lifetime... you, your business, & your clients deserve it…



ADBCmedia; created with one goal in mind to unleash an artistic vision onto the world. It started with a painted t-shirt, sold it, and never looked back! Since then ADBCmedia has worked with an array of companies and brands across the world; from Trendsetting Apparel lines to Trailblazing Record Labels to National Hospitality companies to Worldwide Athletic brands and everything in between... With our diverse roster we have shown the farther reaches of our creative touch, and we're not stopping there. We are branding the world one visionary at a time...







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what makes good design great?

INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, NOT THAT MUCH... Although your design should be eye-catching and different; it must remain relatable and concise. Too many times brands try to go against the grain and be "different" (in their own respective market) to show that they are progressive and ahead of the game... Without realizing this may be hurting their business. You can still be out-the-box and innovative without stepping on your own toes.

What makes a good design a great one is the connectivity you have to your audience. With today's ever-growing market and fast-paced interactions, you must know who your market is, what they like, and what drives them everyday. With this information you can create an everlasting impression on them; whether they've seen your brand once or a thousand times. Here at ADBCmedia we create the ideal look and feel that your audience craves.


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